Upcoming Signing Events and The Final Converging

After a six year hiatus, I will be doing a book signing event at the Public Library in my home town of Timmins. It’s been about six year since my last series of signings and it will be rather interesting to meet and talk to some of the local fans of my work. For an Indie author, a book signing event has a dynamic that is radically different from a traditional author and you never can truly anticipate what you might encounter when meeting with readers…many of whom may only be vaguely familiar with your material. The following is a sample of the material taken from the event’s promo poster…

The Timmins Public Library


 An afternoon Book signing event with Timmins author


 Friday, February 6th 2015 from 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.


     I’ve never been a particularly large fan of posting pictures of myself, but I made a rare exception for this event and yes, I did flash my most radiant grin for this photograph!

     Onto other business…The Final Converging: An Immortal Hear Asunder…is presently in the tech review stages, while my graphics guru, Steven Efondo, is currently laboring away to create the cover image I’ve requested. As I thought that such a grim horror offering would be a delightful way to kick off the Christmas Season, it is my intention to release this last horror novel on December the 1st of this year. As a prelude to the novel’s release, I’ve decided to post the first three chapters of the tale…one chapter every third month, beginning with the first chapter, the aptly titled: The End Begins. This first chapter will appear on this website on April 1st. It will be followed by Chapter Two: The Blackest Addiction (July 1st) and Chapter Three: Jagged Pieces of an Ill-fitting Puzzle (October 1st). I think that these opening three chapters set the foundation for a dark and often heart-wrenching novel that will bring the series to an emphatic end and should provide readers with an inkling of what I anticipate to be my final horror offering.



It is said that there is a certain measure of validity to be found in tangibility. Despite the inexorable march of electronic technology and cyber-media…there are still a great many people who want to hold a physical copy of a novel in their hands. For these people, an aspect of the enjoyment of reading is derived from the tactile sensation of holding a paper and ink product. To that end, I have taken a brief break from working on my next novel…The Final Converging: An Immortal Heart Asunder…to undertake the process of making my seven existing novels available in print. After four months of intense and painstaking labor, that process is now complete. I would have been unable to complete this project in these last four months, without the help of Steve Efondo, who designed the covers for the paper products, and Leonard Clark, who helped with the editorial work of the manuscripts.

I have to admit that it is certainly gratifying to see the seven novels…two million plus words and thirty years of effort in the making…arrayed across my bookshelf. Here is a link to where the novels can be purchased in both paper and e-form:




With this rather daunting project complete, I will turn my attention back to the process of preparing the Final Converging: An Immortal Heart Asunder for release…tentatively scheduled for December of 2015. I have decided that this very probably be my final novel and so I want to savor every aspect and nuance of the creative process. I am presently immersed in the second draft, which has always been my favorite part of the progression of seeing a formative idea germinate to be an actual novel. Elizabeth and Cynara have long been my favorite creations and the culmination of their intense and poignant epic tale will serve as a fitting conclusion to my writing-for-public-consumption efforts.

After thirty years of indulging my creative whims, it’s not easy to imagine the shape my life my take after this, but I can go back to being a ravenous reader…hungrily consuming the works of my favorite writers like Steven Erikson and Brandon Sanderson. The joy of reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures and I intend to indulge that pleasure fully. Someday…when I am good deal older…I can pull my novels from the shelf and for nostalgia’s sake, give them one last read. What more can a writer ever look forward to…

Guest Author – Sonya Craig – Sci-Fi offering – Outbound

Sonya Craig – Author of ‘The Outbound’ Series


The life of an indie author is fraught with its own set of challenges…the foremost of which is attempting to be heard above the clammor of the five hundred thousand or so aspiring authors who have thrown their hats into the writing-for-pay ring since the advent and proliferation of the e-book. Each of these authors has their own individual reason for eschewing the traditional adgent-publishing house route. The Indie author oftern lives…and sadly dies…on the strength of word of mouth promotion.

The indie author is often viewed with a jaundiced and cynical eye…but ever so slowly, independent authors are making miniscule inroads in changes perspectives…one reader at a time.

My friend, Sonya Craig is an American indie author…whose genre of choice is Sci-fi…she is a prolific and determined writer and my hat goes off to her and her efforts. This blog is dedicated to her…

Retail Teaser for Outbound Book 1:

The following teaser provides the reader with an insight into the quirky, sometimes irreverent writing style that Sonya favors:

Sonya Craig is the author of the Science Fiction series, Outbound, featuring the precarious life and times of underdog-extraordinaire Taiga Chavez and her beloved misfit crew.  Space has never been more unpredictable than when Taiga squares off against the totalitarian jerkwads of the universe.

Outbound is the first novel in the series.

Taiga is an imperfect person in an OCD type of world.  A loyal soldier, she longs to earn her stripes and leave Earth behind.   However, on her first Outbound mission, she soon learns that being the ‘good soldier’ can have an ugly meaning.  On a planet filled with aliens that give new meaning to the term ‘wild life’, she must choose sides.  And the only thing at stake?  Simply the fate of two worlds.  No pressure.


Sonya Craig and the Creative process:

The universe that I write about is always in my head.  I have two lives: the one where I take care of my husband and teen daughters, cat, dog, yard, house, cars, errands etc. – and the one in which a young captain and her odd mix of crewmen strive against evil regimes in a futuristic realm.

It’s a realm where seat-restraints that are supposed to ‘automatically engage with any jarring action’ rarely work.  A realm where your adopted brother says things like, “I not laugh in danger’s face but I may pee on him’s leg.”

Any other words, a universe much like our own, just a little more fantastical.

I write continuously, even when it isn’t on paper.  Paper is great though, because without it, you end up jotting notes on the back of your hand, store receipts and anything else available when an idea must be noted somewhere, somehow.  As a warning though, never ask the mean, old lady in the check-out line in front of you if you can have her now unneeded grocery list for a really important purpose.  Just a safety tip there.


Where to find Sonya online:

     Sonya maintains a quirky, humorous and insightful blog and I would recommend that everyone take the opportunity to stop by and peruse her content…cool stuff!!


Where to purchase Sonya’s Outbound Series…


Sonya Craig is typical of the many talented and determined indie authors who are laboring to make their mark in the genres of their choice and I hope that visitors will take the time to explore her catalogue of excellent Science Fiction offerings…










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