Guest Author – Sonya Craig – Sci-Fi offering – Outbound

Sonya Craig – Author of ‘The Outbound’ Series


The life of an indie author is fraught with its own set of challenges…the foremost of which is attempting to be heard above the clammor of the five hundred thousand or so aspiring authors who have thrown their hats into the writing-for-pay ring since the advent and proliferation of the e-book. Each of these authors has their own individual reason for eschewing the traditional adgent-publishing house route. The Indie author oftern lives…and sadly dies…on the strength of word of mouth promotion.

The indie author is often viewed with a jaundiced and cynical eye…but ever so slowly, independent authors are making miniscule inroads in changes perspectives…one reader at a time.

My friend, Sonya Craig is an American indie author…whose genre of choice is Sci-fi…she is a prolific and determined writer and my hat goes off to her and her efforts. This blog is dedicated to her…

Retail Teaser for Outbound Book 1:

The following teaser provides the reader with an insight into the quirky, sometimes irreverent writing style that Sonya favors:

Sonya Craig is the author of the Science Fiction series, Outbound, featuring the precarious life and times of underdog-extraordinaire Taiga Chavez and her beloved misfit crew.  Space has never been more unpredictable than when Taiga squares off against the totalitarian jerkwads of the universe.

Outbound is the first novel in the series.

Taiga is an imperfect person in an OCD type of world.  A loyal soldier, she longs to earn her stripes and leave Earth behind.   However, on her first Outbound mission, she soon learns that being the ‘good soldier’ can have an ugly meaning.  On a planet filled with aliens that give new meaning to the term ‘wild life’, she must choose sides.  And the only thing at stake?  Simply the fate of two worlds.  No pressure.


Sonya Craig and the Creative process:

The universe that I write about is always in my head.  I have two lives: the one where I take care of my husband and teen daughters, cat, dog, yard, house, cars, errands etc. – and the one in which a young captain and her odd mix of crewmen strive against evil regimes in a futuristic realm.

It’s a realm where seat-restraints that are supposed to ‘automatically engage with any jarring action’ rarely work.  A realm where your adopted brother says things like, “I not laugh in danger’s face but I may pee on him’s leg.”

Any other words, a universe much like our own, just a little more fantastical.

I write continuously, even when it isn’t on paper.  Paper is great though, because without it, you end up jotting notes on the back of your hand, store receipts and anything else available when an idea must be noted somewhere, somehow.  As a warning though, never ask the mean, old lady in the check-out line in front of you if you can have her now unneeded grocery list for a really important purpose.  Just a safety tip there.


Where to find Sonya online:

     Sonya maintains a quirky, humorous and insightful blog and I would recommend that everyone take the opportunity to stop by and peruse her content…cool stuff!!

Where to purchase Sonya’s Outbound Series…

Sonya Craig is typical of the many talented and determined indie authors who are laboring to make their mark in the genres of their choice and I hope that visitors will take the time to explore her catalogue of excellent Science Fiction offerings…










Chains of Capitulation – Journey Bk 3 – long and short retail teasers

With the imminent release of Chains of Capitulation…the third book in the Journey through the Land of Shades fantasy epic…I thought is might be a good time to roll out the long and short retail teaser that readers will see on the various e-book retailer sites:




‘I will forewarn you, when the last of these shadows has been swept away to reveal the brutal reality of your existence, all that awaits you is the embrace of bitter despair.’ Myrhia to Islena Doraux. After surviving the harrowing trek through the Land of Shades and locating the legendary king, Islena’s burgeoning hope is crushed by the truth of her own insurmountable inner darkness.


‘I will forewarn you, when the last of these shadows has been swept away to reveal the brutal reality of your existence, all that awaits you is the embrace of bitter despair. Do you have the courage to confront your true identity without the protective mantle of delusion or bias, Daughter?’ Myrhia to Islena Doraux. After surviving the harrowing trek through the Land of Shades and locating the legendary king, Islena’s burgeoning hope is crushed by the truth of her own insurmountable inner darkness.

Against immense odds, Islena survives personal abjection and the horrors of the Upper Lands and miraculously defeats the Morticant Hybrid that has usurped control of her traveling companion’s body. After tenaciously overcoming every obstacle while crossing theLandofShadesand reaching theGreatWesternOcean, she finally locates the legendary king Artumas. Islena is suffused by the hope that he will help her locate the two remaining Proclamations…the tangible manifestations of power necessary to vanquish the Myrhia, the Mother of Iniquity.

During the course of her grueling journey, Islena experiences the nascent stirrings of memories from a thousand past lives…the resonating echoes that have forged the shape and direction of history in a thousand different worlds. No longer nebulous fragments, these past incarnations speak to her of the pivotal roles they have played in the epic struggles and grand dramas…the critical and often tragic junctures that defined their worlds. Through these revelations, Islena Doraux comes to grasp that she is the culmination of this recurring persona…a mortal vessel that plays host to an immortal spirit, whose death will inevitably lead to her rebirth…just as nightfall inexorably yields to dawn. To her horror, she learns that each rebirth heralds the onset of a new chapter of bloody conflict, suffering human misery.

While trying to solve the puzzle of this seemingly pointless unending cycle of tragedy, Islena is plunges through the seemingly innumerable layers of past existence in an effort to discover her genesis…and the perplexing purpose she was intended to serve.

Above the cloth of the world, the eternal triangle of conflict spins…a recurring cycle of misery and incessant struggle of which she is the pivotal element…tearing asunder the illusions that have characterized her life. As she embarks on the next leg of her epic journey, the final layer of Islena’s sequestered identity is stripped away by an epiphany that will reveal the irreducible core of blackness that resides in the fabric of her nature. In the moment of terrible insight…Islena Doraux comes to divine that it is she who poses the greatest threat to everything she strives to protect. To avert this calamity, she is left with no recourse but to willingly accept the chains of capitulation that her avowed enemy has held out to her.


This novel really reveals the complex scope of the underlying plot upon which this series is founded and should be available by the end of June 2014. Islena’s Journey will conclude with the final volume…A Fallible Goddess and the Enduring Sorrow.


The Hazards of Planning

I’m constantly amazed by the way that life often makes a mockery of our best intentions. Initially, I had promised that I would conclude Islena Doraux’s Journey through the Land of Shades trilogy in one final volume and I can honestly say it was my sincerest desire to do so. As I worked through the novel, I quickly came to realize that I had surpassed the three hundred thousand word mark…and was a good way from weaving the last of the yarn. Circle of the Witch was a mammoth endeavor that tipped the scales at nearly three hundred and eighty thousand words, but this final volume of the Journey trilogy seemed set to stray well beyond the four hundred thousand word mark…which seemed excessive for a single volume from an Indie author.

The other thing that provides an endless source of wonder for me is my creative process and the way my rather unusual thought mechanics seems to function. I found myself rather disgruntled with the idea of deliberately abridging portions of Islena’s final tale, thinking that after laboring over this story for over twenty-five years, it would be a bit of an injustice to short shift the ending to satisfy a word count restriction. I fretted over this while I worked on the concluding chapters and then…like a falling succession of dominoes…the solution to my conundrum came into place. Within the space of about fifteen minutes I came up with a natural break point in the story, a cover graphic for the novel and a title…and with that inspirational burst, The Chains of Capitulation (the title of which could change depending on the cover graphic I elect to use) was born. The novel will still tip the scales at about two hundred and forty thousand words and will allow me to write the robust ending that Islena’s epic fantasy tale genuinely deserves. The final volume of Islena’s heart-rending odyssey will still be entitled A Fallible Goddess and the Enduring Sorrow and should be available sometime in 2016…though I’m reluctant to offer that as a promise.

Which leads directly to the next segment of the update and yet another example of the hazards of making promises. As mentioned a few updates back, I have been tinkering with the idea of writing a fourth Converging…though agonizing would probably be a more appropriate word than tinkering. In my mind, there was always one final story that begged to be told in Elizabeth and Cynara’s dark saga, but the ending of Closures in Blood left me with very little appetite to tell the tale. Writers are a curious breed and ideas can often be like irritating grains of sand in an oyster…an unrelenting thing that eventually leads to the formation of a pearl. After nearly twenty years of resisting the temptation, I finally wrote the opening chapter of the fourth and final novel of the Converging series. An immortal Heart Asunder will provide a definite end for Elizabeth and Cynara’s story…every story, no matter how compelling, must eventually know an end and theirs will be no different. For those who have enjoyed the Converging series, this last volume will prove to be a complex and heart-rending journey…but it is a story that I have to tell. With nearly seven thousand words committed to paper already, there is no turning back. If things go as planned, An Immortal Heart Asunder should be available in the second half of 2015.

Or perhaps I’ll set that aside and write my first vampire novel…just kidding…I think.

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