I have never attempted to hide the fact that I am an indie author…despite the stigma this moniker carries. My first two novels were released by a small publishing company and were only available on a limited regional scale. They were also flawed efforts that left me feeling extremely dissatisfied with the end result. Years passed and with the proliferation of e-book technology and all its accompanying opportunities, I was able to expand my reach  to a global audience…even if I was still confronted with the same seemingly insurmountable obstacle of public jaundice toward Indie authors. I honestly believed that my days of producing tangible paper offerings were over. Amazon’s Createspace has laid that fear to rest.

I have taken a brief pause in the writing of The Final Converging: An Immortal Heart Asunder to undertake an incredibly laborious project of converting my e-novels to paper. With the help of my graphics guru, Steve Efondo and Leonard Clark…who has generously agreed to help with content review, I will soon make my seven novel catalogue available through Europe and North America. In the 9 x 6 format, these new offerings will be presented in all of their intended glory. I have started with the original Converging…and oddly enough, the third Converging novel…Closures in Blood. My logic in beginning with Closures in Blood is rather flawed and comes down to the simple fact that I’ve always wanted to Steve’s cover graphic in all of its glory…

The full seven novel catalogue should be available for purchase by the end of the year. Here is the link listing where the first two novels can be purchased…


The Converging:





The Converging: Closures in Blood:




With the release of The Chains of Capitulation behind me, I’ve turned my attention to my next project…The Final Converging: An Immortal Heart Asunder. For eighteen years, I valiantly resisted the compulsion to write this novel, trying to content myself with the ending I had crafted for Closures in Blood. Those familiar with the decidedly macabre mechanics of the creative mind will probably agree that the creative urge is like an incessant itch that becomes increasingly difficult to ignore as time goes by. Even as I struggled to ignore the compulsion, it seems that plot threads churned and boiled in the dark place where my creative consciousness resides and in December of last year, I found myself unable to resist the allure of the fully formed plot that presented itself for my consideration. That internal lobby became so strong that I elected to put off writing A Fallible Goddess and the Enduring Sorrow…the final volume of the Journey series…to begin work on this last horror offering.

The first draft of Immortal Heart is complete and upon reflection, I can say that it has been the most difficult single piece that I have ever undertaking. The Converging series…and its characters…have been particularly close to my heart and putting the emphatic finishing touch on their lives has been an emotionally challenging experience. I have always regarded genres as backdrop tapestries against which a tale is told and this has never rung truer than it has in this final volume. Elizabeth’s final tale is an emotionally poignant journey, fraught with a complex array of emotions that…I now realize…mirror my own personal state of mind as I move into the later years of my life. It is a dark and nuanced novel that explores the notions of estrangement, lingering regret and emotional distance that often develops in the strongest of relationships…all told against one of the darkest backdrops I’ve ever painted.

I have always said that the conclusion I wrote for Closures in Blood was one of the finest pieces of writing I’ve ever managed to conjure. It was with no small degree of trepidation that I decided to take up the thread of that ending…an optimistic and joyful thread…and weave it into the excruciatingly dark tapestry that this final novel will offer. I suspect that my inner writer always knew precisely where this story would lead…if I took up that thread. Perhaps this is why I was so reluctant to pen this final Converging tale. Nonetheless, it’s done and though it has been a difficult story to tell…I am pleased with the outcome. I hope that the fans of the series will find it as emotionally difficult to read as it has been to write.

The Final Converging: An Immortal Heart Asunder should be market ready by December 2015.


As if this wasn’t enough to keep me fully occupied, I have been working to see my entire catalogue find its way to print. The conversion process from e-book to paper format is a tedious masterpiece in tiresome repetition, but such is the life of an indie author. The novels will gradually make their way into tangible form…starting, oddly enough, with Converging: Closures in Blood.

I’ll update this post as each novel comes available.


Guest Author – Sonya Craig – Sci-Fi offering – Outbound

Sonya Craig – Author of ‘The Outbound’ Series


The life of an indie author is fraught with its own set of challenges…the foremost of which is attempting to be heard above the clammor of the five hundred thousand or so aspiring authors who have thrown their hats into the writing-for-pay ring since the advent and proliferation of the e-book. Each of these authors has their own individual reason for eschewing the traditional adgent-publishing house route. The Indie author oftern lives…and sadly dies…on the strength of word of mouth promotion.

The indie author is often viewed with a jaundiced and cynical eye…but ever so slowly, independent authors are making miniscule inroads in changes perspectives…one reader at a time.

My friend, Sonya Craig is an American indie author…whose genre of choice is Sci-fi…she is a prolific and determined writer and my hat goes off to her and her efforts. This blog is dedicated to her…

Retail Teaser for Outbound Book 1:

The following teaser provides the reader with an insight into the quirky, sometimes irreverent writing style that Sonya favors:

Sonya Craig is the author of the Science Fiction series, Outbound, featuring the precarious life and times of underdog-extraordinaire Taiga Chavez and her beloved misfit crew.  Space has never been more unpredictable than when Taiga squares off against the totalitarian jerkwads of the universe.

Outbound is the first novel in the series.

Taiga is an imperfect person in an OCD type of world.  A loyal soldier, she longs to earn her stripes and leave Earth behind.   However, on her first Outbound mission, she soon learns that being the ‘good soldier’ can have an ugly meaning.  On a planet filled with aliens that give new meaning to the term ‘wild life’, she must choose sides.  And the only thing at stake?  Simply the fate of two worlds.  No pressure.


Sonya Craig and the Creative process:

The universe that I write about is always in my head.  I have two lives: the one where I take care of my husband and teen daughters, cat, dog, yard, house, cars, errands etc. – and the one in which a young captain and her odd mix of crewmen strive against evil regimes in a futuristic realm.

It’s a realm where seat-restraints that are supposed to ‘automatically engage with any jarring action’ rarely work.  A realm where your adopted brother says things like, “I not laugh in danger’s face but I may pee on him’s leg.”

Any other words, a universe much like our own, just a little more fantastical.

I write continuously, even when it isn’t on paper.  Paper is great though, because without it, you end up jotting notes on the back of your hand, store receipts and anything else available when an idea must be noted somewhere, somehow.  As a warning though, never ask the mean, old lady in the check-out line in front of you if you can have her now unneeded grocery list for a really important purpose.  Just a safety tip there.


Where to find Sonya online:

     Sonya maintains a quirky, humorous and insightful blog and I would recommend that everyone take the opportunity to stop by and peruse her content…cool stuff!!

Where to purchase Sonya’s Outbound Series…

Sonya Craig is typical of the many talented and determined indie authors who are laboring to make their mark in the genres of their choice and I hope that visitors will take the time to explore her catalogue of excellent Science Fiction offerings…










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